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Company Values

Truly Independent

Technique Risk is not product affiliated and prides itself in not representing any supplier of security equipment or services. Operating in this way, we are able to ensure you receive unbiased and professional advice. This also enables us to research all product suppliers to identify “best of breed”, to ensure that equipment we specify is current and appropriate.

Fiscal Reality

Having come from corporate security management backgrounds, we are mindful of the limited resources and budgets commonly afforded to the security division within an organisation, or a particular project. We work with you and / or your management team to achieve the desired result whilst working within an allocated budget.

We achieve these results through the use of risk based security treatments, ensuring the any recommended security measures are practical, realistic, and always commensurate with the risk being addressed.

Client Oriented

Our consultants experience has always centred on being the developer and user of security services and products, not the provider. In many cases where a particular service or product has not been commercially available or the current standard considered to be unsatisfactory, we have been instrumental in their development or placed pressure on the suppliers to raise standards to a satisfactory level.

This experience of being "the Client" has provided us with a clear understanding of how service and product suppliers operate and how better to work for you to ensure you achieve your objectives


Having operated in the corporate security environment, we are conscious of corporate sensitivities and ensure confidentiality. Being SCEC endorsed, and working in “high Security” government environments, we are well versed on appropriate non-disclosure protocols.


Having an understanding of the security industry from a clients perspective, we appreciate that there are occasions where urgent issues require an immediate response. Our business is established in a way that we are available to contracted clients on an “on call” basis. We pride ourselves on being responsive.

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