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With continuing pressure on organisations to streamline their operations and focus on core business activities, it is becoming more common to outsource security functions. At the same time there has been shift toward risk based security management programs to replace or compliment traditional security management models.

In recognition of these trends Technique Risk established a team of industry specialists trained and experienced in all areas of corporate and industrial risk management. As an independent risk management and technology consultancy we offer a unique program designed to assist both private and government sector organisations to meet their security and risk management obligations and objectives, as well as their legislative obligations.

Technique Risk has earned a reputation as a provider of innovative, quality security and risk management consulting services – notable for the practical approach, level of personal attention and communication the client receives.

With a firm belief in risk driven security planning and risk management, Technique Risk ensures that prescribed risk treatments and security measures are commensurate with the identified risk. This ensures that the security budget is spent wisely and effectively, rather than a blanket approach, which may lead to unnecessary capital outlay in some areas whilst failing to adequately mitigate actual risks. Security measures that are linked to identified and “real” risk generally provide measurable benefits which are often more cost effective and more willingly implemented and accepted.

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